Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Magic of Those Search Engines

I'm not sure how many people are reading my little blogs; probably not too many.  That's okay, because with the magic of the internet explorer, anything I post that mentions the title to my book, "Life Under the Corporate Microscope", will almost instantaneously, pop up in those incredible search engines, giving the book more exposure, resulting in fewer sales.

I was just kidding there to see if you were paying attention.  I meant to say "increased sales"; sorry about that, but that's just me being me.

Now, if you were me, would you post more blogs and other miscellaneous ramblings on the internet, or would you go bowling instead?  As much as I like to bowl (btw, I rolled a 290 the other day, in practice), I think posting on every site imaginable is the way to go; assuming I want to sell copies of my book.

Gosh, I almost forgot to mention the title again:  "Life Under the Corporate Microscope", written by me.
My name is Larry Underwood, and I'll be your blogger today.  Is there anything else I can do to increase my search engine effectiveness?  I think I'm doing it right at this particular moment.  Isn't technology great?

In case you're joining me for the first time, hi there; welcome aboard the Underwood Express.  Destination:
To my widely growing fan base (maybe in double digits by now), and of course, that thing known as the Search Engine.  A few months ago, I thought it was some sort of automotive device designed to monitor your fuel efficiency rating; or whatever.

Now I realize it's my key to the wonderful world of book sales.  Did I say book?  Yes, I strongly recommend you read a book called, "Life Under the Corporate Microscope"---my irreverent and mostly humorous, perspective of life with that Corporate American car rental giant, Enterprise Rent-a-Car.
Hey, I worked there for 26 years, made a lot of money, got booted out (I think the money was the major issue), and eight years later, I've got that book flying off some sort of shelves.  But don't take my word for it.  Visit my website for further information:

Good bye for now.  It's time to go somewhere else on the internet and start babbling that wonderful title.

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