Sunday, April 5, 2009

Will Twitter Survive Its Most Irreverent Twitter-er?

The answer to the above rhetorical question is, yes; Twitter will not only survive the mad ramblings of its most irreverent twittering tweeter, a guy known simply as "lau56"; they will flourish. 

I'm the guy who has this whole "management" thing figured out, and when I post one of my original thoughts for day, I'm not fooling around.  In fact, I'll even head over to the "ExecTweets" arena, where such gurus as Richard Branson and Mark Cuban can be discovered, make my profoud statement, and then do something else; such as post another blog on another site; like here for example.  Welcome aboard.  The captain has indicated the flight time to be approximately two minutes and 30 seconds.  Seat belts are not required.

My first post on ExecTweets was a scintilating experience, which may have been read by six or seven people.  There are no official statistics on that, so that's my ball-park guess.  Whatever.  It was so good, I think I'll post it again, just for old time's sake:

The only thing Corporate America has to "fear" is the culture of "fear" Corporate America has created.

Paraphrasing FDR was a nice touch, I thought.  I wonder if anybody else got it.  I wonder if anybody else noticed it.  Well, you're reading it now, so that's good enough for me.  Here are some of my other profond ExecTweets:

A successful company has a clear set of core values which everyone in the organization applies when conducting business.

The boss is not always right.  Some are seldom right.  When you have the right answer give credit to the boss, anyway.

Good companies often go bad when they get too big for their own good.

Often your darkest hours will bring about moments of illumination that will guide you in a positive directioni for a lifetime.

The true measure of one's character is not determined by their success; rather, by how well they handle their adversity.

Investment Tweet of the day:  "L.L.C." really means "losing lots of capital".  (Disclaimer:  That's only the opinion of the artist known as lau56 and is not necessarily a definite way to piss away hundreds of thousand of dollars.)

Every now and then, I'll put a humorous spin on some of the elite ExecTweets.  These are the top dogs in the Twitter business world, and usually four or five of these gurus' words of wisdom are featured, as they scroll across the top of the page.  In my opinion, some of these thoughts aren't all that profound, or are such obvious platitudes, they come across as... stupid platitudes.  I won't quote them verbatum, but here are some basic examples:

Confidence from the CEO is the winning formula for successful employees.  Oh yeah?  What about overconfident CEOs who make stupid decisions?  How does that affect the employees well-being? 

Quality training of  a company's employees will ensure the company will succeed.  Oh yeah?  What if the company's CEO is a nit-wit, with a staff of nit-wits making bad decisions?  How will a well-trained employee handle a business plan that is destined for failure?

My favorite came from someone who made the following hilarious observation:

Who needs a PR firm when everyone on ExecTweets is their own PR firm on steroids?  That one got my vote, folks.  I love it.  I think I'll head over there before retiring for the evening, to see if any other words of wisdom cap off a wonderful day. 

Bye.  Don't forget to order my book, Life Under the Corporate Microscope. 

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